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Living Green

Living Green

At our Community we strive to do our part in being earth friendly, below is a list of some of the ways we are contributing.

• We have on-site recycling in or near our dumpster areas
• The City of Roseville promotes environmentally friendly practices to reduce solid waste by diverting as much recyclable materials as possible
• Our community recycles fluorescent bulbs

• We use motion detectors in the clubhouse
• We use photocells for exterior lighting throughout the community
• Our apartment homes have dual-pane windows, which helps reduce the need to use heat and A/C
• Our windows have a low U- Value, which maximizes energy benefits.
(New Construction or remodeled community)
• We use weather stripping in windows and doors to prevent air loss.
• We use energy saving light bulbs and/or compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) throughout the community grounds, apartments and office
• Our Apartment homes offer ceiling fans, which increase airflow and decrease the need for A/C
• Our water Heaters are insulated to prevent heat loss

• Use of low flow toilets and showerheads decrease water consumption
•Use of faucet aerators in kitchen and bathrooms for low-flow water use

• Our community is walking distance to public transportation, bus, light rail, transit, and bike trails
• Our Maintenance and Office Staff uses electric golf carts